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Hello, Welcome To My Website. 

I'm Olivia Greenhalgh a 18 year old entrepreneur! From the age of 16-17 I attended Musical Theatre College near London.

I then left to work on everything I love and am passionate about. I still LOVE musical theatre and still training in it but 

I'm also doing so many other things now too!

I have a Youtube Channel which I started in January 2018. At that 

time in my life I was just vlogging what I was doing and my life was literally just GCSEs and revision! My channel grew bigger as I posted more more videos on this topic hence why I still sell GCSE and revision planners on my website as I still want to help everybody that watches videos. 


After I did my GCSEs I moved to a college in London and lived with a host family for a while and then eventually got my own flat. This whole time I was just vlogging my journey, filming everything I was doing putting it up on my YouTube channel to hopefully inspire people and show people what is possible. 


I moved into my own flat at 17 in March 2020 just before Corona hit. I worked on lots of new stuff over lockdown and was so inspired to do so many things. 


In September 2020 I went back to college but decided after a week that I would leave and work on my own things, still training in musical theatre in my own time but having so much more time to do what I love. 


Once I left I worked in a coffee shop a few days a week and spent the rest of my time working on YouTube and Instagram. 


During November I took over Rock Athletic, a gym wear brand, I had worked on over lockdown. My dad originally set this up a few years ago but, being so busy, I offered to run it for him. I then decided to move back home so I could work in the office and manage it better. 


I am currently working on that and also still working on YouTube. I create videos about my life what I’m doing and want to make more content on helping young people learn how to set up businesses and make money for themselves. 


I also recently completed a level one Reiki course which I absolutely loved and also set up a small business selling crystals. I currently sell all my crystals and crystal related things on Instagram and Facebook and I have now implemented them onto my website. 


The common theme running through everything I do, from creating GCSE revision videos to selling gym wear and crystals, leads back to one thing... helping people have a better life. 


I created my YouTube channel and videos on GCSEs to show people how to revise more efficiently and help them in their GCSE process as it can be a stressful time. 

Then I also loved the idea of running a gym wear business as working out can do wonders for your mental health and having the best workout clothes to do it in can just give you the extra bit of motivation. 

I recently fell in love with reiki and crystals. Reiki is a natural healing method and crystals are used to provide you with the energy that you need in your life! 


Anyway that’s me, that’s my story and thank you for visiting my website 🌙🤍