Edexcel Paper 2: Area of Study 2 
– Study of Second Religion Judaism – 
Written examination: 
50 minutes 25% of the qualification 
51 marks

Section 1-Beliefs and Teachings
The nature of the Almighty
The nature and importance of Shekhinah
The nature and purpose of the Messiah
The Covenant at Sinai
The covenant with Abraham and his descendants
Sanctity of life
Moral principles and the Mitzvot
Jewish beliefs about life after death

Section 2: Practices

The nature and purpose of Jewish public acts of worship

The Tenakhand the Talmud

The nature and purpose of prayer in the home and of private prayer

The nature and importance of the Shema and the Amidah

The importance of ritual for Jews today

The nature, features, history and purpose of celebrating Shabbat

Jewish festivals

Features of the synagogue


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Judaism GCSE Edexcel Paper 2